Every car needs a service, it is the main thing that keeps it running smoothly. Servicing can help improve MPG and of course lengthen the lifespan of the engine. Most of our stocked filters are MANN & WIX and are all OE manufacturer approved meaning they fulfil the requirement est the vehicle is under manufacturers warranty. We stock the top 50 of every filter and more. Most of our stock is in MANN filters or WIX and are all manufacter approved, meaning even if your car is still under warranty our filters are fine to use. Why not give us a ring or call into our store to book your next service now.

Air filters
Oil filters
Fuel filters
Pollen filters
Pollen filters are rarely changed but ARE important, the air circulating in the car is filtered by your pollen filter all the outside dirt and pollution products outside build up in the filter so in time you are breathing air through a very dirty filter, this is particularly bad for asthma sufferers, can cause odours AND it makes screen clearing less efficient and slower.